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The MixTape In Your Heart.. [entries|friends|calendar]
The Backwards Girl

It’s another lonely sunset
Another starless sky
The nervousness inside
It’s the final kiss from a lover’s fist
It’s the reason why you can’t cry..
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Beauty Fiend... [Friday]
[August 26th 2005 10:52]
[ mood | excited ]

My lips are glossed, but my heart is weak..

Please forgive me, for not being pretty or sexy..
But god never blessed me..
another splendid lie..

Don't front with me.. at all mo-fo.. biz-nitchhhhhh... [Monday]
[August 22nd 2005 9:54]
[ mood | giggly ]

The pigs came by...
I walked up and said..
"I'll bust a cap..."
"In your asssssss.."
"In your mother fuckin ass"
"In your ass biz-nitch, recognize.."

-Greg Foster ; The Up-Right Professionals
another splendid lie..

rotten dollie for june 2005 <3333 [Saturday]
[July 16th 2005 3:46]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
tell me | another splendid lie..

hello, i'm here to invite you, to things you cannot feel.. [Tuesday]
[July 12th 2005 7:04]
[ mood | indifferent ]

you can't erase what you are,
so don't even try.
and how can i be truthful,
when everything i am's a lie..

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i won't add you. [Monday]
[May 9th 2005 2:38]
[ mood | drenched in blood & turpentine ]

Bring your IQ and try to understand
Just cause I'm listening
Don't mean we're still friends
Can't fix my problem
You crossed a thin line
You can't just work it out
Not with me this time

You're so predictable no shadow of doubt
When you are suffering know who sold you out
Fuck your opinions
Fuck your lack of spine
When you are miserable
Know that I'm just fine

you go so low
your Faggot Rainbow
your Junkie Ego
won't save you this time
you go so low
your Tragic Disco
your Nazi Halo
won't save you this time

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tell me | another splendid lie..

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